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1k Instagram followers Mixed Quality $4


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1k Instagram followers Mixed Quality $5



1k Instagram followers Mixed Quality $4

By purchasing you confirm that you have read and agree to our TOS below
By purchasing you agree to the following
1- You completely understand and agree to the delivery and processing times detailed in the description above. Orders cannot be accelerated or expedited upon request the order will deliver in the mentioned time above, and no exceptions will be made upon request.

2- You agree that you will not change the username while the order is in progress and that you will keep your profile set to public all the time while the order is in progress. If the username was changed and/or the profile was set to private by any means while the order is in progress, this will void your warranty, and the order will automatically be marked as complete no refunds will be made.

4- Refunds are only eligible for the following reasons only
– Order not delivered. If we fail to deliver any of the followers at all before meeting the deadline of the delivery time stated above the buyer is entitled to a full refund
If followers are delivered but not completed within the mentioned above deadline then the follower will be eligible for a partial refund deducting only the cost amount of the delivered followers so far.

5-Threats, offensive language, and hate speech are not allowed by us any of our support team and any use of this will result in banning you, voiding your warranty and reporting you.

6- We do not Guarantee drops over this service as this is not 100% real and it is of mixed quality so you purchase under your own responsibility

7- If you have any problems we do offer support every day on multiple channels during our working hours. We would love to ASSIST!
We do get 100’s of messages per day and we do process all messages one by one in a queue with priority to older requests first.
Our working hours are every day from 11 am – 10 pm GMT+3 Except for Fridays from 3 pm-10 pm GMT+3
Any attempts to spam our threads or our support channel with multiple requests to get your request processed earlier will result in disregarding your request and banning you from replies/support system without any support provided.


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