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Welcome to Social-Xtream, one of the global experts in ‘Social Media Marketing’ and ‘Premium Accounts Distribution’. We are sincerely dedicated to provide you with the finest social-media, entertainment and gaming services in the market. With our distinguished team of expert developers and global customer support, we strive to attain the highest customer satisfaction with our services at your disposable 24/7.


Our goal is to provide quality services at the most cost-efficient prices. Your streaming/gaming services no longer need to cut down your entertainment with expensive monthly subscriptions. No more struggling day and night, trying to grow your social-media profile, when you can just sit-back and leave the heavy work to our experts. Your one-stop-store for all premium services, dedicated customer support and AFTER-SALE WARRANTY on all products: Beat that!


With the widest range of product catalog in the market, we got you covered for everything. Let it be an individual sale, discounted bulk sale for re-sellers, pocket-friendly packages for new social-media profiles, or premium social-media package for a celebrity profile, you can always count on us. With all the latest services adding to our product-list everyday, you will never miss an exciting deal!





No matter whether you are seeking to gain overnight fame with your SOCIAL-MEDIA profile or if you are looking for affordable STREAMING services, SOCIAL-XTREAM got you covered! 😉

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