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Social Media Terms of Service

The use of services provided by us (social-xtream) establishes agreement to these terms. Using our services, you agree that you have read and fully understood the following terms of Service. We will not be held liable for loss in any way for users who have not read the below terms of Service.

*Processing time (Every Social Media order undergoes a processing time, which is when our scripts take to start delivering the followers/boost to your account/profile. Processing time cannot be expedited or accelerated under any circumstance. This time is scripted and automated; We have no control over. Sometimes processing time might be delayed not more than 1-2 hours than the stated time depending on the server’s load.)

**Completion time is the time we take to complete delivering all of your followers/boost to your account/profile. We provide minimum to the maximum time needed. It cannot be decreased or increased.
Any requests to deliver in less than the time given are not allowed. We process orders in a queue depending on our servers’ load, the number of orders running, and priority based on your order’s date.

Complaining about order delivery before the end of the deadline is not allowed, and cancellation requests before the deadline are not accepted. Also, requesting to expedite the delivery will not be taken, as mentioned above. We cannot priories orders as all orders must go through regular progress to deliver so that each order will finish within the mentioned deadline.
Spamming our threads, support lines, or transaction to get your order expedited or done before the deadline, as well as the cancellation, disputing, or chargebacks before the finish of the deadline is completely prohibited and not allowed, and doing so will completely void your warranty


You agree to the following

 Please DO NOT delete your post or change your username associated with an order while it is in progress.

 Your profile must be publically set. Private accounts will not be accepted. Making your profile private (this includes YouTube subscribers count) will void your warranty and mark your order as completed. Without any right whatsoever for any refund or compensation. Private accounts would not get a refund! Please ensure that your account is public before ordering.

 We are not held responsible or liable by any chance for any previous orders (non-organic) you made with any seller earlier/Service provider. We will also not be held responsible or liable for any drops occurring in your Start count. Suppose an order falls below its start count. In that case, it is not eligible for a refill warranty even within the warranty feature’s validity period. You need to bring it back to its start count for us to process the refill. If your orders page followers fall below your order start count while it progresses, this results in the order getting paused. It happens when your old page followers from previous orders are dropping. You need to bring your page followers back to your order’s start count for us to continue delivering your order. Your follower’s start count must be stable and organic. By continuing with this order, you agree that your followers are from an organic source and the start count is sound, and no drops are affecting the start count of your account. No refunds or cancellation to accounts affected by previous orders, or 3rd party boosts not caused by our team. The user must return the start count to its original count, and the start count should be stable for us to continue and proceed with the order.


All SMM panels work using a script where it starts and delivers based on the initial count. It ends when the followers are equal to the initial count + purchased count. So if you start two different scripts simultaneously, they will both deliver and end at the same count.

Suppose you start two orders simultaneously starting from “X” initial count and making “Y” as the target for both. In that case, both scripts will terminate soon as the count gets to “Z.” It will not go “Z” from the first script, and then the second script. REINITIALIZING its start count as “Z” and then RESTART delivering.
Making two orders from 2 different sellers at the same time will mark your order completed. We will not be held reliable for no delivery or any loss caused by that. The delivered count will be considered from our side. Your order will be marked completed, and we are fully eligible to get credit for this order.


 We offer 12 months of warranty on all of our Services in case of drops or count loss by automatic or manual refills. We guarantee that our boosts are of high quality, but we do not guarantee any drops or losses made by changes on the boosted platform (i.e., security updates, patches, etc.)
We only guarantee that you will maintain your full delivered finish count for as long as it does not drop below the start count.
Refills ARE ONLY valid if your order falls below its completed count but has not fallen below its start count. Suppose an order falls below its start count. In that case, it is not eligible for a refill even within the refill feature’s validity period. You need to bring it back to its start count for us to process the refill.

 Real and engaging followers warranty. We Guarantee you will get real followers within your delivered count. However, we do not guarantee all of the followers to be real. Forex, Instagram has a daily of millions of inactive/bot users made. We cannot keep count of every day made bots, so we can’t guarantee that no bots/inactive users will not be delivered.

The engagement percentage with your content is not guaranteed. This varies depending on many different factors, including your content quality, the Social media platform reach algorithm, frequency of your posts, etc. Therefore, we cannot specify a percentage.

Refunds policy

You agree that once you complete a payment, you will not file a dispute or a chargeback against us for any reason.
You can submit a request for a refund through us directly. Our financial team will refund you only If applicable and do not violate any of the rules covered in these Terms of Service.
If your order is through an escrow service (Middleman protected), you can ask for refund/cancellation through Middleman. Their refund policy will be active. You agree to their refund policy and terms of use.

 Refunds are only applicable if the order is not delivered with the mentioned completion time. Any refund requests made before the finish of the deadline will be disregarded and ignored.
 No refunds will be made after delivering a specific percentage of your order’s count (read below for details)
 25% delivered count for orders 1k-10k.
 2% for orders above 10k – 100k.
 0.02% for orders 100k and above.

Our team will notify the user/buyer if we are facing any difficulties or any changes in the completion time required. We will give an updated estimate for the new completion time to the buyer before his order reaches the specified percentage. The buyer will have only have this chance to request cancellation and refund. Suppose the buyer agrees to continue with his order. In that case, he will have no right to demand a refund later on unless the newly updated completion time is not met. Only then will a buyer be fully eligible for a refund.

 No refunds will be made if the user/buyer violates any of our terms of Service.
 No refunds will be made after completing your order. Only the warranty will be active, and you will be eligible for the given and stated warranty above.
 Misplaced or Private account orders will not qualify for a refund.
 Fraudulent activity, such as using unauthorized or stolen credit cards, will lead to reporting you, voiding your warranty, and marking your order as completed. Also, terminating your account and banning you from our site.
 Fraudulent chargebacks/disputes will void your warranty, terminate your account, and will lead to reporting you and your social media account.

Feedback extortion policy

The buyer isn’t allowed to threaten or use feedback or detailed seller ratings in an attempt to force a seller into providing:
• Goods or services that weren’t included in the original item’s description or purchase price.
• A return, refund, or replacement item not covered by the original listing
If there is a problem with a transaction, the buyer should report the issue to the Middleman or us in case of an escrow payment.
Buyers are not allowed to leave feedback based on a non-genuine experience or based on different, wrong, unreal facts.
Buyers are not allowed to leave feedback if it was because of the violation of any of the terms above. Feedback is intended as a way to let members share their experiences with other members. If it was something that we did wrong, and the buyer did not violate any of the terms above, we will hold full responsibility for the feedback. Otherwise, the feedback will be considered wholly unfair and eligible to be reported, disputed, and removed by the concerned parties.

Violating feedback terms of use will void your warranty and mark your order as complete without any eligible refunds and reporting of your account.

Threats, offensive language, and disrespect policy

It is strictly prohibited to engage in threats of bodily or physical harm or any harassment using any method, including by email, member to member messaging, on our public message boards (such as our discussion boards, groups, and other community areas) or within feedback comments.
Hateful, obscene, offensive, profane, racist, sexual, defamatory, or violent language cannot be used in communication with our team, user IDs on our website, chat support, Claims, disputes, feedback, listings, product pages, and any other areas of our website or our advertised listings/threads on any market place we operate at.

o If a member of our team receives a threat, disrespected in any way stated above, or the buyer uses any kind of hateful, obscene, offensive, profane, racist, sexual, defamatory, or violent language, should be reported to local law enforcement and The Marketplace Mods/admins. It will completely void your warranty and result in canceling your order marking it complete without any right for any refund or compensation whatsoever under any circumstance.

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